AWS re: Invent 2019 – New services launched by AWS!

Last year, I listed all the new services that AWS announced in re: Invent 2018 – New services launched by AWS! Again they did the same thing and focused on customer requirements and came up with new solutions. This year in total they announced 27 new services out of which 21 was in core technology domain whereas 6 was related to Partners and ISV’s.

This year they focused on Machine Learning(ML) and tried to give more toolset to develop such applications and came up with more AWS SageMaker services. Besides ML they focused on performance optimization, Hybrid solution and edge computing and tried to help Telecom vendor by providing 5G support from their infrastructure in the form of AWS Outposts, AWS Wavelength, AWS Local Zones.

They also focused on Partners and tried to give more flexibility to them by providing more toolset and negotiation options in their hands from 6 services that they launched in this domain.

Following are the 3 services that they launched in Hybrid solution that indirectly will help Telecom vendors as they need low latency applications and to achieve this they should have compute resources on edge locations or near to customer location and by having new AWS Local Zones and AWS Outposts hardware in their own datacenter will help them to achieve low latency and good depth of AWS service usage from same hybrid platform.

IDE(Integrated Development Environment), Auto ML algorithm implementation on the dataset, debugging ML algorithm on IDE and running some of test on the same IDE are the features that they launched to help ML developers. Following are some of the ML related services that they launched along with other AWS SageMaker services:

There were the following 6 new services for Partners or ISV’s to give them more flexibility and AWS trying to get some pie out of Govt. Project share and motivating their Partners to bid for it and helping them to give them AWS services like AWS Public Safety and Disaster Response Competency system.AWS will be doing marketing for the top 100 Partners on their website to create healthy competition among their 10K partners.

AWS CodeGuru is one of the amazing service that will help developers to avoid efforts on code review as this service helps you to provide review on code and help you in identifying if there is an issue with code and AWS tested it on more than 10K opensource project to test its functionality and internally using this tool for code review purpose.

Listing down all service names so that you can read more about it on AWS documentation.

  1. Amazon s3 Access Points
  2. Amazon Managed(Apache) Cassandra Service
  3. Amazon CodeGuru
  4. Contact Lens for Amazon Connect
  5. Amazon Fargate for EKS
  6. Amazon Fraud Detector
  7. Amazon Kendra
  8. AWS Local Zones
  9. AWS Outposts
  10. AWS Redshift with Managed Storage
  11. Amazon SageMaker Autopilot
  12. Amazon SageMaker Debugger
  13. Amazon SageMaker Experiments
  14. Amazon SageMaker Model Monitor
  15. Amazon SageMaker Notebooks
  16. Amazon SageMaker Studio
  17. Amazon UltraWarm
  18. Amazon Wavelength
  19. Inf1 Instances for EC2
  20. M6g, R6g, C6g instances for EC2
  21. AQUA for Amazon Redshift
  22. Discovery API
  23. AWS Marketplace Private Offer Fee Reduction
  24. AWS Public Safety & Disaster Response competency
  25. AWS Retail Competency
  26. AWS Service Ready Program
  27. Seller Private Offers for all ISV’s

I will be covering these services in more detail in further blogs in AWS re: Invent 2019 series so keep eye on it.