Application Architecture Pattern Mindmap

Many time we design our application/platform but we don’t categorize it under any architecture and go by our own flow so following Architecture Pattern mind map will help you to categorize your implementation for better clarity. There are many more architecture patterns defined so find your pattern available at Wiki:

Architecture Pattern is broadly used in different area of software and system development like Object Oriented architecture to pass information within program and Micro Service Architecture(MSA) that has principles like business domain centric, Autonomous, Resilient etc that solves many problems of monolithic architecture .

You will come across patterns like:

1. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA),
2. Event-Driven Architecture (EDA),
3. Resource-Oriented Architecture (ROA),
4. Big data analytics architecture,
5. Microservices Architecture (MSA)
6. Patterns for Containerized and Highly Reliable Applications etc.

Following Architectural Pattern Mind can help you to co relate things when ever you are designing your application